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update machinecontrol v1



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    Caroline Faubert

    Hi Nathan! You can find the most updated documentation for the python api for MachineMotion v1 here

  • Nathan Barnes

    thanks for the response!

    Let me fill in some more details.

    I'm using a "MachineMotion 1 Controller" I could not use the "python-api V4.2", however, i could use the v2.2. (it is possible i was using something wrong ). I looked at the compatibility and saw that "API V2 requires machinemotion V1.12",Compatibility,-The%20Python%20API

    I am unable to find the version on my machinemotion controller. (when i go to in a browser, what comes up is only 3 options; application launcher, machine logic, manual control. I do not see a V number in the lower right hand corner)

    probably worth checking first what version i actually have and if it is possible to upgrade or stay with API V2.2.

    thanks for the help

  • Nathan Barnes

    Caroline Faubert using the API v4.4 does not seem to work. i never can initiate the socket

  • Caroline Faubert

    Hi Nathan, someone from our integration team will reach out to you regarding this since the answer/solution will depend on the MachineMotion version. They will be able to assess if what you are trying to do is possible with the v1 controller. 


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